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Online Service

To watch Zoom Morning Prayer

If you are not already using Zoom

Set up a free Zoom account on


Download the app to a PC or Mac computer - on Zoom       website look for “Resources” top right, then choose “Download Zoom Client”.

On smart phone or iPad  it is Zoom Cloud Meetings.

If you do use a browser then Chrome is recommended

You can join a Meeting by Computer, Phone or iPad


Before you join the Zoom service

1. Print a copy of order of service from the website st-luke.co.uk (same format for both services)

2. Contact Rev Bob 07904320542 or Sue Smither 07962012916 or Sandra Lacey 07761672030 for the password


To join the service

click on the “Join a Meeting” 

Enter meeting ID 5095149528

Enter the password


All participants will be muted at the start of the service to avoid background noise and people will be unmuted as necessary.

Please raise your hand or press wave in Reactions at bottom of the screen to indicate you wish to speak the host will unmute you.

When you join a meeting, please turn on video and computer audio when prompted so that we can all see and hear each other.

If you’d rather not be seen or heard, you can still join.  You can change your mind about video and sound whenever you want.

You can have the meeting running in “Speaker mode” –   whoever speaks will have their video enlarged.  This is the usual way of running things.

You can switch to “Gallery mode” at any time and then see a gallery of everyone else!

You can click on chat and type a comment to us all at any time.

Don’t be afraid to have a go – we are all learning and there will be lots of mistakes.  

Any problems send a message using Contact Us on our   website st-luke.co.uk

Online Service
Listen to Zoom Morning Prayer