Daily Hope

The team behind "Daily Hope" write: 

"It's a free national phone-line aimed particularly at the over 75’s who don’t have access to the internet. Research indicates that some three million people - particularly those in this age group - have no, or very irregular, access to the internet. 

The line will be available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044.

Callers will hear a special greeting from the Archbishop of Canterbury before being able to choose from a range of options, including Prayer During the Day and Night Prayer updated daily, from Common Worship, and a recording of the Church of England’s weekly national online service.

A section called Hymn Line will also offer callers a small selection of hymns, updated daily. An option entitled ‘Hymns We Love’, provides a hymn and reflection and is based on an initiative by Connections, a group focused on this age group.

At present, there is clearly a challenge in informing those that are digitally-disconnected of this phone line. As such, promotion of the phoneline is in two strands: via the media, and encouraging local churches to identify and inform those for whom this service would be valuable." 

As well as using this line yourself if you know of anyone who has not got access to the internet please ring them to inform them of this great initiative.

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