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    Last uploaded service: Toy Service Nov 12th 2020

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    Hello boys and girls.

    I hope that you are well and enjoying the summer break. Today’s Bible story is a bit difficult to understand.

    Let me ask you a question?  Do you ever feel hungry? 

     I certainly do!

    Another question: What is your favourite food?  I like a nice Sunday roast dinner and sticky toffee pudding...YUMMY.

    BUT after you have eaten what happens?

    A little later you feel hungry all over again!!

    Well today, Jesus says that he can be ‘the bread of life’ because he doesn’t just fill our tummies with food, he fills our hearts with love…so much love that we can share that love with our families and our friends and even our neighbours.

    There is nothing better than giving someone a GREAT BIG HUG and telling them that you love them.

    1st August Crafts

    This next week, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could share your love with lots of people and tell them that it was Jesus who gave you that love to share.   

    This week there are two colouring sheets and a RECIPE!!

    I hope that you have fun with the crafts…    

    Sue x



    It would be much appreciated if you signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme which helps our cash flow, which is crucial at this time. Simply click on Search tab at the top and enter  Support your church to find all the Giving information. For more information click here.               

    For donations to church funds please make cheques payable to St. Luke’s PCC c/o Rev Bob Pearson The Rectory, 10 Hartland Close, Widnes WA8 9FB. To make a bank transfer to Farnworth St Luke Parochial Church Council you will need our account number so please ring Bob 07904320542 or Yvonne 01514249887.  Thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times.

    Thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times.

    May God bless you and hold you in His loving embrace.

    Click here to email Rev Bob

    Aug/Sept 21 Issue





    Alison's Chuch Flowers  Tour - May 2021

    Alison's Chuch Lockdown Tour - July 2020

    St Luke's Walkaround with Alison - June 2020

    All Things Bright and Beautiful played by Paul Delaney

    Hymn "This is my body" played by Paul Delaney

    Listen to St Lukes Church Bells



  • Covid-19 Domestic Abuse Awareness (Volunteers in the Community)

    Information received from: Halton Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Coordinator. Sarah Jane Ashcroft Community Safety Team.

    If you are concerned about a child, a vulnerable adult or anyone in our community is in immediate danger you should call 999. Anyone needing help, but fearful an abuser may overhear them calling, can secretly dial 999 and then press 55, which will let the police know they need emergency assistance.

    Click here for more information


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