Please note that tickets are not needed but we do have a maximum number of people that church can SAFELY accommodate, please be aware;

To ensure that the porch, aisles and doorways are kept free we ask that there are NO PRAMS.  This is for everyone’s safety.
Please bring own Christingle, candles will be available in church.

  • Fasten a piece of red sticky tape or ribbon around the middle of an orange. 
  • Cut a small cross in the top of the orange 
  • Lay a square of silver foil over the cross.
  • Make a hole into the orange using a pencil
  • Place a candle in the hole and wedge it firmly into the orange.
  • Thread sweets or sultanas onto 4 cocktail sticks
  • Put in the sticks into the orange and you are all ready!

As you enter and when leaving there will be baskets for a collection for the Children’s society, a Christian organisation who work tirelessly with children and young people to improve their lives.

Please support them if you can, they do amazing work

We look forward to welcoming you on Christmas Eve,    Clare and Sue

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