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Holy Week

Day 1

Holy Week Wreaths are now in place outside St Luke’s Church & Cronton Mission Church (Cronton School).  Over the coming week, each day a new picture & bible verses will be added to build up the journey that Jesus took from Entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, his death on Good Friday & on to his Resurrection on Easter Sunday. If you are out & about please go & take a look & maybe even take a piece of ribbon or string to tie on the prayer ‘washing line’.  Copies of the drawings are available on St Luke’s website www.st-luke.co.uk for you to download & colour in if you wish to & you could even make your own Holy Week Wreath too.


When I was at St Luke’s Church this morning adding today’s image and Bible verses to the wreath, one of the children from Farnworth School walked past on her way to school.  She was so excited to be the first person to see today’s addition, she had a good look then hurried on to school with her mum and sister, she wanted to tell her teacher, Mr Tucker, and all her class she has seen the wreath being added to. 

I wonder if anyone will see me adding in tomorrow’s image?




Today I was excited to see that payers& ribbons have been added to the Prayer Washing Line outside St Luke’s Church when I visited to add today’s image & Bible verses.  Perhaps you might also like to visit and bring string or ribbon to add as a sign of your prayers through Holy Week.




We have much to be thankful for on a sunny spring day like today;  the buds on the trees, the vibrant flowers, not to mention the warm sun – isn’t nature amazing?  Thank you God!  One of the prayers on the ‘washing line’ this morning reflects this: “Thank you my God for all your blessings and the prayers you answer. Amen.”  Perhaps a prayer we could all say today.

The image and verses for today are not so uplifting though – this is the point in the week when we think about Judas betraying Jesus, and all for just 30 silver coins.