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Valentine Crafts

A HEART BUTTERFLY makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

What you will need: Card or paper, Scissors, Colouring pencils, crayons or felt tip pens, 4 large hearts, 7small hearts, Two strips & Glue



  1. Cut out all the hearts and two strips of paper
  2. Colour 2 big hearts & 4 small hearts & the long strips in red
  3. Stick 3 of the small hearts in an overlapping column the point of one heart over the top of the heart below. This makes the body.
  4. Stick a small heart into the middle of each large heart.
  5. Arrange the large hearts into the wing shape….see picture
  6. Glue the top ones overlapping the bottom wing part.
  7. Glue the body to the centre of the wings.
  8. Stick the two strips to the back of the top heart of the body, which is the head.
  9. Draw two eyes and a big smile on the face. ALL DONE!


Loving Hands makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

What you will need:  A piece of card…an old cereal packet will do fine, Pen or pencil
A sheet of A4 paper, Scissors, Glue or sticky tape



1. Fold the piece of card in two……trace round your child's hand, then cut round the hand so that you end up with two identical hands.

2. On the plain side of one hand write I LOVE YOU ……..

3. Cut a strip off the long side of a piece of A4 paper. Fold the strip pleat/accordion style. Open the strip up. then write one letter of THIS MUCH  on each ‘section’.

4. Stick one end of each ‘accordion’ onto the inside palm of each hand.

5. Gently open up the hands so that you can read   I love you….this much!



Valentine tree - This is super easy and fun

What you will need: Card…old cereal boxes are fine, even old wallpaper works,       Scissors Paper… old birthday cards will do ,        Pens or pencils, Glue, sticky tape or stapler




  1. Trace round your child’s hand and arm and cut out (the paper arms--not the real ones!), this then becomes the tree trunk 
  2. Cut out hearts for leaves. 
  3. On each leaf write the name of a person that you love and perhaps why you love them
Stick the finished hearts onto the hand/arm tree