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Toddler Church 2020

Our Toddler Church family continues to meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month at St Luke’s Church, 4 – 5pm were Jack, the puppet dog, continues to help lead the worship.  He especially enjoys story time and singing and playing the instruments but his favourite part is getting involved with the craft activities - although he also quite likes ‘toast time’ too - an opportunity for everyone to share freshly buttered toast and a drink before saying goodbye till next time.

In March we listened to the Bible story about Jesus being tempted in the desert and how he resisted this temptation.  We thought about the fact that because Jesus understands what it means to be tempted he can help us to make the right choices when we are tempted.  Then in our craft time we used brightly coloured wools to thread through hearts and added stickers and lots of colour to decorate them, to remind us ‘Jesus helps us’.


And in March we were all very excited to welcome 3 new families to join us, with two of these families soon to have a child baptised at St Luke’s too.




In February we listened to the Bible story telling of when Jesus went out in a fishing boat from where he taught the crowds on the shore.  Jesus then told the fishermen to put out their nets and they caught many, many fish.  Jesus invited the fishermen to follow him and fish for people instead. 


Then in our craft time we decorated fish and with our own fishing rods we fished and caught many fish!




In January we celebrated Epiphany, the celebrating of the 3 wise men or kings coming to visit baby Jesus, bringing their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  And we thought about what gifts we would bring to Jesus, we decided that the greatest gift we could bring is love.

In our craft time we made crowns and tiaras and decorated them with sparkly jewels so that we could celebrate Epiphany too.

In December 2018 we celebrated with our Christmas Party.  We listened to the Nativity Bible Story, we heard about the angels who told the Good News that baby Jesus has been borne to the shepherds who then went to Bethlehem to visit baby Jesus in the stable.  And we thought about the fact that the shepherds then went off to share the Good News with others – they were the first evangelists!


In our craft time we made paper plate angels, with sparkling halos and pretty wings.





Come and join us for faith, fellowship and fun!!!

All are welcome.