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Crafts March 21 2021


First, you need to print the pages below; cut out both long strips, only cut along the top and bottom and middle lines, not any other. Next join the two strips together with glue or sellotape.

Now fold the ‘pages’ like a concertina. Cut out a ‘cover’ and stick that on the front.

Now you need to be REALLY CLEVER and draw little pictures on each page to match the words. 

Lastly, colour in the flowers on the last page using lots of bright colours.

God looks after us so well, he loves and care for us. He sends sun and rain to water the seeds but SOMETIMES we might need to help him by watering the seeds ourselves so that they grow tall and strong and then make lovely flowers for us and the birds, bees and butterflies.. So now it is up to YOU!


Click image to download template





Valentine Crafts 2021
Well done to all.